Wednesday, January 31, 2018

As a child, I loved the Merry-go-round as an adult not so much.  Going around the same way, in the same place seems a bit redundant.  Can I just end up somewhere different?  It’s like watching Batman and Robin.  Even as a child, I was so sick of the same bat time, same bat channel.  Those of you who grew up watching this show know exactly what I mean.  Batman would get caught by the bad guy and just before he gets dipped in hot boiling oil or being tossed off the tallest roof in Gotham City, the show would end there for the night.  The last thing we would hear, is:  Will batman escape this dastardly plot, stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel.  Now, I’m not a violent person, but after two years of batman escaping, even I wanted him to get his bat toes dipped into the boiling oil.  Why, because at some point, I really just needed it to end.  How many lives did this bat person have anyway, my goodness.  All jokes aside.  It is simply time to change the ending of your story. 

How can we do the same thing year in, year out and not want to scream, get me off of this merry-go-round.  It’s necessary, even healthy to make a change.  I don’t know what that change may need to be for you, but I am certain it needs to happen.  It could be as simple as changing your haircut or color and as complex as going back to school or changing careers.  Whatever it is, promise me that you will embrace the change you need in your life to move forward, and do it.  It is all about the change.  Go for it Diva!  Unlike Batman, we only have one life not twenty.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The art of compromise.  There are so many times when I know my prospective on a particular issue is right and I’d like to scream it from the rooftops.  Okay, I know, too dramatic.  I’d like to make sure it’s heard and understood – better?  Okay.  There are times when compromise is necessary in certain areas of relationships, work etc.  But there are those times in particular when there can be no compromise because the issue is so personal and so important, that to compromise would mean not being your authentic self and literally changing what is good, beneficial and important to you.  That’s where divas draw the line.

If you want to choose dinner in or out, you got that.  Want to turn the garage into a bat cave?  Okay, tell Robin I said hello.  But if you are asking me to change my religion or my believe system, you may as well be asking me to beam you up and call you Scottie.  It’s simply not going to happen and why pray tell would you want me to?  How can you ask a person to change who they are if it’s not for the better?  How do you determine what is better for me?  How do you think you know better than I do what is better for me?  Understand that if something is good, wholesome and wonderful and genuine, anything less would be a step back.  And who is going to do that, not this diva – for sure? 

Everyone has to choose their own path.  If you are on it you already know, there are choices to be had.  I can only speak for myself when I say, I want the best for me which includes living my best life.  So unless you are coming with a better way to do that.  I no understande’ English.

Striving for excellence – be about it and recognize it when you see it.  Smooches.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Guess what guys…..I’ve written a book.  Yes, I did.  The book is one in the series of Diva Living Today books.  I wanted by blog readers to be the first to get the dets.  The first book is entitled “Diva Get Your Life!”  And, as you can imagine, it is all about getting your life together and living it well.  The book should be published in a few months, and I am so excited.  It’s just another way I get to share my philosophy on living well with all of you.  If you love my Diva Living Today blog, you’re going to love the book.  In the book I get the opportunity to share some of my life experiences and lend some advice about just how to go about living your best life.  I’ll show you all the promo’s don’t worry diva, you are definitely in the loop.

I’m also starting my YouTube channel to push girl power, even that further.  For those of you who always ask how I do what I do, you can come along for the ride.  I’ll definitely keep you posted when the book is launched and where you can find it, as well as all my public events going forward.  I do have a few private events scheduled and will share pics etc. Once the company events are over.  It will begin in about four months.  This is the beginning of an awesome journey.  You have been reading my blog for the past two years, so we have been on this journey together.  Cheers to women living their best life.  I look, so forward to continue riding this train – with you.  All aboard!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

So how is a girl supposed to know when she found Mr. Right for her?  That is the question of the century and yes, we are still trying to answer that question.  The truth is every girl has a list in her mind of what she would like her Mr. Right for her to look like.  We want him to be kind, successful, loving, considerate, a protector, handsome with a sense of humor to boot.  But is it realistic to expect one person to meet our long list of must haves.  In my opinion, the question is no.  Everybody has their faults and so will your Mr. Right for you.  It really is about your priorities.  The deal breakers are just that, deal breakers.  For example, if you’re a Christian and he’s an atheist that may be a deal breaker.  If you like to travel, but he hates it that may be something that can be worked out.

The bottom line is, we want our Mr. Right to fit perfectly into our live just as much as we must fit perfectly in his.  There will certainly have to be some compromise as all the pieces don’t always fit neatly together.  So if you have too many differences and nothing in common, it might not make for the best relationship.  But if we have things in common and are opened to making a few tweaks in the expectations, if the man meets the general expectations, the relationship has a chance. Don’t get this confused with settling – nope that is not what we do.

Divas don’t give up on love.  We know it’s out there somewhere just waiting for us to take notice.  If we open our hearts, but think with our brains, we will meet our Mr. Right for me and we’ll be just fine.  

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The power of forgiveness is real.  Like anyone else, you could make a mistake.  You may have done something or said something you wish you could take back.  Sometimes what we say or do may have a devastating effect on us or someone else.  Beating yourself up about a mistake for 20 years is not a diva move.  Let me tell you something girl.  The energy and work that it takes to have a successful, happy life is enough.  We don’t need another thing to make life any more difficult or complicated than it needs to be. 

So how do you go about getting rid of this weight that makes you sad?  Oh, there are a number of things you can do.  I’ve listed a few below.  Hopefully something on my list will work for you.  But by all means, whatever it is.  LET IT GO!

1.     Pray about it, prayer changes things.
2.     Speak to a friend or a sister about it, perhaps they can provide guidance.
3.     Speak to a therapist.  Sometimes just speaking to someone about it frees your soul.
4.     Journal about it and burn the book – It’s gone forever.
5.     Choose to use that problem as rocket fuel, to move you to a better place.
6.     If you think your situation is bad, trust me there are people in worse shape.  Volunteer at a woman’s home. 
7.     Thank God you are still alive and mentally move on to a better place.

Whatever you have done that you think is unforgivable, it isn’t.  You're alive and therefore given another chance to live well.  Forgive yourself.  Next time, think it through, learn from your mistakes, make better choices and Diva, enjoy your life – you only get one.

Monday, January 15, 2018

I’m sure you can imagine how annoying it is when a person project their personal issues onto you.  People do this because they have a perception of who you think you are and if their self-esteem (in their mind) isn’t there then, they feel like the best way to handle this internal personal struggle is to lash out at you. The goal here is to do things that they feel will pull you down to size or in other words lower your self-esteem so that they can feel better about themselves.

So if you are wondering why some people are coming for your life and you barely notice they exist – well this is why.  You may not know them, but trust and believe they think they know you.  They have made up their minds on who you are (no one says it has to be accurate, usually it’s the farthest from the truth) and they are acting out based on that fabrication. 

Wouldn’t it be better for people like this to work on their self-esteem?  Would it be smarter to figure out why they don’t feel great about themselves and work to change it?  For example, you lost 50 pounds.  It’s not an impossibility that they can go ahead and do what they need to do to lose weight if their hang up is being overweight.  Or suppose you have a doctorates and they never went to college.  Last I checked the doors for college is opened to everyone.  What I’m saying is that, it is smarter to do what you need to feel better about yourself then it is to try to attack others we already have done their work.

What I would like to say to people who behave this way is, don’t let laziness and hate-eration make a fool out of you.  The bottom line is, that person who has high self-esteem because they are proud of who they are and what they have accomplished will never, never feel any different because you try to project your personal issues unto them.  Divas are rocks so don’t waste your time.  Don't mistake meekness for weakness.  Let me put it another way, it’s like waking a sleeping lion – are you sure you want to go there? I didn’t think so.  Get your life.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

For a moment, I wondered what I would write about today.  What could I say to encourage women, to support women, to ensure they understand it’s important to enjoy their life journey?  Walking in your truth came to me.  It’s the single most important thing that any diva could do.  In a world where so many people work really hard to make you believe they are something that they are not, speaking and living your truth could not be more important.

There are so many people that do a certain thing, buy a certain thing, and act a certain way, just so everyone around them can think they are somebody that they really aren’t.  It would seem to me that if what they are trying to look like is so important, shouldn’t it be worth the work to really be that person?  Everybody wants instant gratification.  I want to be, I immediately am. 

Divas know, it doesn’t work that way.  It takes time, reflection, experience, planning and training to be the best you.  You can never be your best you, if you don’t accept and acknowledge where you are.  You will never fix a problem that you’re acting like you don't have.  Live your truth, and then, if you don’t like it – change it.  That’s what diva do.  It’s time to diva up girl!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

So it’s a snow day and you have the day off.  Thinking of snuggling back in bed and sleeping for another three hours?  Sounds like a pretty good idea.  But when you get up, what are you going to do with the rest of your day?  Are you planning on taking it easy?  Do you think it’s a couch and remote day?  Nope, you're wrong.  Since you had the opportunity to catch a few more zzzzz it is time to be productive and make better use of your day.  How often have you said I don’t have enough time to do this or that?  Well diva, now you have it.

Whether you're contemplating writing a book or have a closet to clean out, take your new found time to accomplish your mission. Should you decide to accept this mission, you could make the outline for your book, decide on a title, do some research on the subject matter you intend to cover.

If your mission is closet impossible, you could go through it, removing clothes you no longer wear and do the same for shoes.  You could bag them for good will and make a list of any organizational systems, you will want to make or buy. 

So the next time you think of relaxing all day on a snow day, think again.  It’s a wonderful time to get something accomplished that is on, or should be on, your “to do list”.  This is how Diva’s make the magic happen.  One accomplished mission at a time.  Smooches. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year Divas!  I hope you’re excited about your life and what you will accomplish in 2018.   Thank God that we made it to a brand new year.  What are you going to do this year to move yourself forward in your life?  It better be big and I want to hear about it.  Don’t misunderstand me when I say big, I don’t mean you have to open a fortune 500 company – although that would be nice.  I do mean I hope you do something that is impactful in your life.  What do you want out of life?  Whatever that is, that’s what I’m talking about.  I’m not talking about just thinking about it.  Girl you know me better than that, I’m talking about doing something about it.  Camera, lights, action!  You get my drift.  Make the magic happen honey.

The point is, to accomplish something, anything, we have to start somewhere.  This is usually the hardest part.  Once you make that first move, girl you are on your way.  Do the thing, live life, be happy!  Smooches.