Thursday, March 22, 2018

Minding my own business, and doing what I need to do is me all day every day.  So why is it that haters continue to try me?  Is it because they are unhappy with their unfulfilled life and need to make someone a target of their personal disappointment and I just happened to be the chosen one.  Is it because they confused being meek with being weak?  Or could it be they are so troubled by my energy to be the best I can be that jealousy is raising its ugly head?

Whatever the reason or combination of reasons that cause haters to hate, Divas know that nothing stops this train.  How I move forward in life is not going to change, unless it changes for the better.  But my biggest concern is, that there are sisters out there so lost in their own head so much in their own way, that they are failing to do their own work, ‘cause they are so worried about mine. 

It has gotten to a point where, I can’t even be mad anymore, like most divas I wish I could save them.  I wish I could say, girl, let me help you, this is how it is done.  But their hate and unwarranted rage get in the way.  The most a hater can be is fuel for my success.  But honestly, I wish they would use it to fuel their own.  I trust that one day, they will get their life, but until then, I must say au revoir, adios, buy hater.