Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sometimes you just have to shake things up.  I’m a person that loves, needs consistency.  But every once in a while, I can appreciate redirection, doing things differently or experiencing new things.  Sometimes you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone and take a chance on the new thing.  Whether it means travelling some place different, eating at a new restaurant or simply changing your hair style, everybody knows when it’s time for a change – doing it is another thing.

For the New Year make yourself a promise that you will not let an opportunity to experience something new or different pass you by. Life enriching opportunities are quite essential.  Anything that picks you up or makes you say wow… okay, is worth a try.  Take the road less travelled, live a little.  And yes, drag the fam and friends along for the experience.  Make new wonderful memories.  Enjoy!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

How to match your clothes part 2

So, I like this video, but I had to get past the music, which I didn't care for.  There are quite a few tips on how to pull outfits together, so it's worth watching.  I love peering neutrals with a pop of color.  I also appreciated how they showed you the benefits of mixing metals and patterns.  Nice suggestions.  I live for accessories and understand how they complete an outfit.  Nicely shown in the video.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

So you lent your bestie some cash and now you’re not speaking because she hasn’t paid you back?  Say it ain’t so.  I have heard many of stories that ended just this way.  I personally don’t believe in lending money to friends and family for this exact reason.  The situation has the potential to end relationships in the worst way.  If I have it and it is really needed, I prefer to just give it, because once you say loan, there is an expectation that you will be repaid.  The minute we feel that someone who we helped is trying to take advantage, the inner evil Laquisha is bound to rear her head and stuff will pop off.  Fights, arguments, Judge Judy – it’s not a good look.

Some folks knew they had no intention of paying you back when they borrowed from you.  But, even the best intentions to pay back can be changed due to additional financial problems.  So, if you are going to lend money, at least lend money that you can afford to lose.  (ie. Not your mortgage or car payment, etc.)

The truth of the matter is, if we and our loved ones build an emergency fund, when most emergencies do happen, they can be handled without outside assistance.  What divas won’t let happen is, our bestie waste her money on what she feels like and then turn to us when she needs her bills paid.  We teach people how to treat us, so teach well.  You can’t allow anyone to use you like an ATM card.  We all have to be financially responsible.  Encourage self-preservation and budgeting unless you’re prepared to be your friend’s emergency fund, show her how it’s done.   Share the wealth of knowledge - knowledge is power diva. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

For the life of me, I can’t understand why woman share their personal business with people they know will share it with everyone else.  What’s even more ridiculous is that time, after time, after time, they are surprised to hear their personal business in the streets.

Girl, let me tell you something, there are different caliber of friends.  Don’t get it twisted, like relatives – they do not all behave the same way.  I understand that sometimes, it’s necessary to talk / vent.  It helps to clear the mind, one may even get a solution by talking or brainstorming with someone about a problem.  But let’s be clear, not everybody can: a. help you, b. want to help you and c. have the ability to keep your private business private.  If girlfriend blabber mouth is the only person available when you feel you need a friend to talk to, diva put down the phone and pick up a pen and a journal.  Bounce ideas off of yourself because at the end of the day, if you think you had a problem before your business and words were shared and twisted, you won’t want to see what your conversation has turned into after a few runs up and down the underground railroad.

I’m not saying not to forgive girlfriend blabber mouth, put please learn your life lesson here girl.  Share your private business sparingly with people you can trust to keep it private.   Some folks can’t hold water never mind your business.  Keep your conversation on a superficial level with this type of person.  Talk about the weather, fashion, you know things that won’t channel your inner evil Laquisha if you hear it repeated.  In other words, share with girlfriend blabber mouth what you want the streets to hear.  Don’t be driving the stress train to your own front door diva.