Saturday, November 17, 2018

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Living the dream or living a nightmare.  Hey, the one thing about life is that you get to choose.  It doesn't matter how your story begins, you may not have control as a child.  But how it ends is truly up to you.

There are no magic buttons in life.  We don't get to press a button and voila things are perfect.  If it were that easy I would have a few magic buttons, well shined and cared.  And, yes I would have a weight glued to the top of each one because I need a perfect life at all times okay.  Well, folks, that is not how it works.  Reality dictates that if we want to live well, we have to put in the work.  You have to come up with a plan to improve your circumstance and implement that plan.  Or you could do the zombie walk through life and wait and see how it turns out.  Do know there is a 99% change if you do this, you will be living a nightmare.  The choice is yours diva.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

We don't give enough time to bonding with our sisters and building strong relationships.  I know life is busy, the kids, husband, career, etc.  However, I am a strong believer that you find time for things that are important to you.  The thing then is, to make spending time with your sisters important to you.

It doesn't matter whether these women are sisters by birth or women who have supported you along the way.  If the relationship is of any value to you, if you don't nurture it, like everything else that doesn't get attention - it will eventually go away.  In High School, we usually have about 20 girlfriends but by the time we hit 30, without effort - we are lucky to have one.

Every sister needs a sister.  Someone you can talk to when things are going great and when life is a challenge.  Bouncing ideas off of someone who has your best interest at heart is priceless.

If you are fortunate enough to have a few good sisters who have been with you through thick and thin, hold on to those relationships.  They don't come every day, and they don't last forever unless we work to make that so.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

I can give you ten (10) good reasons why you can’t put your life on hold for anyone, and I mean anyone for any reason:

 1  Life is too short.

2  You don’t get the wasted time back.

3  While you’re putting your life on hold, your friend, boyfriend, or whoever is living their life.

4.  You deserve to live an awesome life.

5.  You deserve to live an awesome life today!

6.  Opportunities don’t last forever; you can’t afford to miss one chance to experience something 

7.  Because you’re the master of your circumstance.  You know it’s up to you to make sure   
     your life rock.  Not later but right now.

8.  Despite your circumstance, you can choose to be happy.  Choose well because, if you’re   
     not happy after a while, you will be the only one left to blame.

9.  You can't afford to lose track of your purpose, your goals or your dreams.  Who could
     be that important.

   10.  At the end of your life, you don’t want to look back and say to yourself, I lost five years, 
          five days or five minutes waiting.  I’d rather say I lived 70, 80, 90 years on fire.