Sunday, March 31, 2019


The contest begins Wednesday, April 6, 2019. Contest winners will be announced across all social media on Saturday, April 20, 2019. Each contestant will also be emailed directly.

Five (5) contestants who follow Diva Living Today on social media will have the chance to win a free signed copy of the book "Diva Get Your Life." There are a few ways to win. These are the rules...

1. All contestants must share this post with ten people plus me, then email "I'm In It To Win IT" to join the contest. Your name will automatically be entered in the drawing. You can share the contest from Joyce Chase facebook page as facebook group won't allow you to share posts.

2. INSTANT WIN! Be the first to find all 12 eggs scattered across my social media. Email the 12 codes from the eggs to

3. The next three contestants who find all the eggs, their names will be entered into the drawing three times.

4. For each additional ten sisters plus me, you send this post to, your name will be entered two more times.

5. INSTANT WIN! Be the first to find the golden egg, and you win a copy. Send an email "I got it." My email timeline determines who was the first submitter.

6. The next three submitters of the golden egg will have their name entered five additional times in the drawing.

Ask me any questions in the comment section of this post.

Good luck to all contestants. Have an eggcellent day!

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